SuperBark successfully launched in September kick-off meeting

The SuperBark Project team met for the first time face-to-face in the bright Autumn Otaniemi Kampus in Espoo between 6th-8th of September 2023. SuperBark will explore natural components in softwood bark to develop new bio-based adhesives and coatings for wood panels and packaging paper. The four-year project will improve the sustainability and safety profiles of adhesive and coating products compared to fossil-based solutions.

The SuperBark kick-off meeting, coordinated by VTT, set the stage for a groundbreaking research and innovation initiative. SuperBark, funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) under Horizon Europe, focuses on the development of new bio-based coatings and adhesives.

Getting Acquainted

The kick-off began with a long-awaited face-to-face introduction to each partner team. Finally meeting in person created an environment conducive to collaboration and synergy. During the second day we saw an energetic commencement of each work package through group work, followed by fruitful discussions on the project’s next steps.

Utilizing Forest Byproducts

A key focus of the SuperBark project lies in harnessing the potential of pine and spruce bark, which are valuable byproducts of the forest industry. These natural resources will be used to create >95% bio-based adhesive and coating solutions for e.g. wood products and paper packaging. The project goal is to ensure these solutions meet industry and consumer standards for performance, safety, and sustainability. The consortium members could examine samples of the softwood raw material brought in by the Metsä partner team.

Exploring Bioruukki Pilot Centre

A highlight of the SuperBark kick-off was the exploration of the cutting-edge facilities at Bioruukki Pilot Centre, an industrial pilot plant managed by VTT.

Bioruukki is one of Europe’s largest open access pilot facilities as well as a hub of innovation with a unique combination of pilot-scale process development units and R&D services. We were able to observe the state-of-the-art extraction and refinement processes, which are integral to the development of bio-based coatings and adhesives as part of the SuperBark project.

Our appreciation goes to the VTT team for hosting the kick-off and providing invaluable insights into the realm of bio-based innovation. The event marked the initiation of a transformative bioeconomy project as well as an opportunity for the project partners to come together and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

As we begin the 4-year journey, best wishes for success to all partners involved!

The SuperBark Consortium visited the BioRuukki pilot plant in Espoo.