About the project

SuperBark explores components in softwood bark to develop new bio-based adhesives and coatings for a range of industrial applications. The four-year project (September 2023-August 2027) will improve the sustainability, health and safety profiles of adhesive and coating products compared to fossil-based solutions.



Produce bio-based components for adhesives and coatings from industrial softwood bark, using novel alkaline extraction and membrane-assisted separation technologies.


Develop adhesives with >95% bio-based content from polyphenols extracted from bark for plywood, particleboard and medium-density fibreboard.


Develop coatings with >95% bio-based content from bark-based cellulose nanofibrils and polyphenols for plywood and paper packaging.


Apply a Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design framework to support the design of safe and sustainable adhesives and coatings using bark components.


Develop digital tools including process design, data analytics and system dynamics modelling to support the scale-up and market integration of the adhesives and coatings.


Communicate, disseminate and exploit the outcomes of the project to relevant stakeholders in order to increase awareness of the new technologies, products, and associated opportunities.


SuperBark is expected to achieve measurable economic, environmental and public health impacts in several ways.

1. Increase bio-based product portfolio

2. Improve recyclability and sustainability of new products

3. Improve health and safety of consumers