Joint Knowledge Exchange Session: SuperBark and LIGNICOAT

On June 7th, a knowledge exchange session was held between the CBE JU-funded projects SuperBark and LIGNICOAT, focusing on advancements in sustainable, bio-based coatings for wood applications. The session aimed to foster collaboration, share progress, and discuss findings that could benefit both projects.

The event featured key presentations from both teams. Representing LIGNICOAT, Dr. Idoia Etxeberria and Dr. Ingemar Svensson from Tecnalia showcased their latest results on bio-PUD coatings testing for wood applications. On the SuperBark side, WP4 leader Dr. Boris Forsthuber from Holzforschung Austria presented their recent performance testing findings.

About the LIGNICOAT project

LIGNICOAT is an ambitious initiative funded under the H2020-BBI-JTI-2020 call, running from June 2021 to November 2024. The project involves 14 partners across eight countries and focuses on developing sustainable coatings based on lignin resins and bio-additives. These coatings aim to improve fire, corrosion, and biological resistance for various applications, including wood, metal, furniture, automotive, flooring, machinery, and paints industries.

The LIGNICOAT project strives to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using lignin—a byproduct of agricultural, forestry, and pulp and paper industry wastes—to produce various types of bio-resins. The bio-based content of LIGNICOAT biocoatings ranging from 10% to 50%, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 20-50% compared to current fossil-based solutions on the market.

LIGNICOAT’s key results

The session highlighted the remarkable progress made by LIGNICOAT. The team presented their improved fire-resistant lignin-based coatings, which are poised to enhance the safety and sustainability of wood products. Beyond wood coatings, LIGNICOAT has also developed new bio-based chemicals (lignin polyols, epoxies, and polyacids) and resins (PUD, alkyd, epoxy). These advancements have created a new cross-sector interconnection between industrial partners, lignin providers, and technology providers, fostering innovation and job opportunities in the bio-based materials sector.

Shared goals and future collaboration

Both SuperBark and LIGNICOAT share a common objective: increasing the bio-based content in wood coatings to replace harmful chemicals in current consumer products. LIGNICOAT’s innovative approach, leveraging lignin from industry wastes, offers SuperBark new avenues for comparative performance testing.

The knowledge exchange session underscored the importance of joint efforts in advancing sustainable technologies. By learning from each other’s progress and findings, SuperBark and LIGNICOAT are well-positioned to make significant contributions to the development of eco-friendly wood coatings.

Discover the full LIGNICOAT presentation from the knowledge exchange session.

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