SuperBark Presented at European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2024

Photos: EUBCE – European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

SuperBark featured at the 32nd EUBCE European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2024, showcasing its innovative advancements in sustainable biomass utilization.

The progress of the SuperBark project was featured at the 32nd EUBCE European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2024, held from June 24th to 27th in Marseilles, France.

The EUBCE conference addresses the sustainability and economic performance of the entire biomass utilization chain, covering everything from resources, research, and innovation to deployment and policies. The SuperBark project was presented by Principle Scientist Anna Kalliola from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, during the session on Bio-based chemicals from sustainable biomass resources.

As the coordinator of SuperBark, VTT leads the production of bark-based components (WP2) for use in developing adhesives and coatings, and is also involved in the development of bark-based adhesives (WP3). Dr. Kalliola’s presentation on Biomaterial processing and products highlighted several key achievements of the SuperBark project:

  • Alkaline extraction of softwood bark to provide high yields of polyphenols has been successfully demonstrated.
  • Bark residue from the extraction process has high potential as a raw material for nanocellulose production.
  • The focus on product demonstration will continue, particularly in developing well-functioning adhesives and coatings that are more than 95% bio-based.
  • The process is economically viable and cost-competitive, thanks to the full utilization of bark and smart process concepts.

In addition to SuperBark, the session also featured presentations on three other innovative projects: LUCRA, WASTE2FUNC and BeonNAT.

For more details on the SuperBark project status, you can view the full presentation.

For further information on VTT’s work within the SuperBark project, please contact Anna Kalliola at or the project coordinator Marc Borrega at